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About Slot Cracker

Slot Cracker (Ed) has been playing slot machines for
about 32 years. His first experience was when Foxwoods Casino first opened in Connecticut where he is from. His Grandfather snuck him in as he was under the required minimum age of 21 for gambling in Connecticut. This was back when slot machines actually took dollar tokens and had plastic buckets to collect your winnings from the coin trays at the bottom of the machines. One good hit of about $300 and the sound of those coins dispensing is all it took to get him hooked. 

After many Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other Casino trips around the Nation he decided to start video recording his slot play. Having hit so many jackpots in the past without any recorded memory, he figured this would be an excellent way to capture and share his slot machine experiences. These videos are posted on his “Slot Cracker” YouTube channel & FaceBook page for the world to see. People subscribe to YouTube & FaceBook to watch his current and past slot videos as well as comment and share their slot experiences. 
It is amazing how many people watch slot machine
videos. There is something quite addicting to watching someone else play slots on video. Whether you cheer for them or hope they lose all their money, it can be just as entertaining as a reality TV show.

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