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When employment opportunities are announced and available, this is where you may apply. 

Current Openings:

Employment Application

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Multiple Positions

Slot Cracker LLC. will be taking LIVE Casino Slot Play and Video to the next level in 2024/2025. We are preparing to turn what was a successful hobby into one of the top performing social media Slot Play channels out there! That being said, we will be seeking individuals capable of a wide variety of tasks to be part of the Slot Cracker LLC. team. 

Positions will include: Full Time - Part Time - In Office & Remote

If you have a variety of the following skills and qualifications and are seeking a potential new career in 2024/2025, please feel free to apply below for further consideration and processing. 

Basic Abilities Duties

  • Manage All Social Media Platforms. Scheduling, Posting, Editing And Moderating.

  • Create Video Thumbnails. Market and Advertise Livestreams And Events.

  • Create And Schedule Events.

  • Manage Website And Marketing Campaigns.

  • Respond To Sponsors And Public Inquires.

  • Scheduling Of Travel To And From Numerous U.S. Casinos.

  • Film Long And Short Form Video. Edit, Upload And Schedule Posts.

Due to the expectation of a high volume of applicants, we have utilized measures to weed out the “Less Than” serious candidates. The implementation of a small processing fee is one of those measures as well as a way to minimize costs associated with the application process. Slot Cracker LLC. Is an equal opportunity employer. Applying to Slot Cracker LLC. Does NOT suggest or imply a guarantee of employment. Any current or future open positions will be evaluated on qualifications, abilities as well as company needs. Slot Cracker LLC. is an equal opportunity employer.

Required Items:

-Basic Contact Information Filled Out. 
-Resume Uploaded.

-Application Processing Fee Paid.

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