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Getting Huge Comps & NO Resort Fees!

Always Join The Player's Club!

Do you receive great comps on your Vegas trips? Do you want to?

Always use a player’s card! Casinos use players cards to track your gambling and spending while on property. A player’s card is a must if you wish to earn comps.

I have been going to Las Vegas for about 25 years. I have had crappy comps and unbelievably awesome comps. Here is what I have learned and practice myself.

Can you be comped on your first trip to a Las Vegas casino? The simple answer is yes. If you gamble enough at the casino you are staying at, a host may find you and comp your stay as well as room charges. You can also inquire at check out as to what they can offer.

Another way is to reach out to the casino you plan to stay at to see if they will match offers you have from other casinos you frequent.

How much money do you need to gamble to receive comps? This is actually a difficult question. If you are lucky you could show up to the casino with a simple $100 bill, hit a jackpot and keep winning and playing your entire stay. The longer you play the more points you earn. Usually this does not happen. More often than not, a trip to the casino is a losing venture. Everyone has a different budget. Play within that budget and remember that it’s entertainment. I personally budget $1,000 to $2,000 per night on my Vegas trips. (A 5-night stay= $5,000-$10,000). Obviously, the heavier you play, the more rewards you will receive. If you play enough, A casino HOST will find you.

Once you have a host, resort fees are usually waived as well as room tax and other hidden fees. A good host will book your room reservation in a suite, supply transportation to and from the airport, and set up free play/food credits.

I’m planning a live stream about this very soon. Hopefully we can dig into this more and answer questions as well as learn from other’s experiences.

Hope to see you There!

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1 Comment

Bryan Sanders
Bryan Sanders
Jul 14, 2019

Great Article and great information!

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